Fabric Friday

Now that I’m settling into my sweet new space, I thought it high time to revive my fabric friday color challenges.

Every week, I pick a theme, then I find an inspiring picture and build a palette. Then, using the palette as a guide, I make fabric stacks blending collections and finding new ways to interpret old prints. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I push myself outside of my color comfort zone. I’ve found some of my very favorite fabric combinations this way. I know that a lot of people struggle with mixing collections or don’t necessarily have the stash to do so. Hopefully by seeing these color exercises, you will be inspired to mix your collections and build some stacks too! I use the awesome free palette generator available at Play-crafts. You can add colors and drag them around to pull your favorite shades out of the picture ( so much fun!).Oh and did I mention it pulls colors and gives you the Kona name for the color! OMG YES PLEASE!!  If you want to play along, you can find the schedule of themes for the next month in the Modern Fabric Porn flickr pool, and don’t forget to add your pictures there too!. Tag it on IG or twitter with #FabricFridayCC

So this is quite a bit outside of my color comfort zone. While I love these colors, I very rarely, if ever, use them together. I love the sense of Scandinavian Style they evoke. With christmas on the brain, I decided to mix in some greens to represent the evergreens that grow  there so abundantly. Only two of these are actually christmas prints, but I think in the right context, they all “read” as Christmassy quite nicely!!!





Hope these inspire you to make a stack! Have a great weekend, good luck to those of you finishing ( or even starting) your holiday shopping!!!!!


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Boozy Holiday Eggnog

So for the longest time I thought I HATED eggnog. I’d tried various store bought varieties and just never really got what all the fuss was about. A few years ago, my mom’s boyfriend shared a batch he made and aged at least a month before serving. Shut the front door. It was delightfully boozy, with warm notes of vanilla and cinnamon. It packed a hella punch, and I finally got it. Eggnog is actually pretty amazing.  Using his recipe as a starting point, I spent a good two weeks looking up every single eggnog recipe I could find online and in midcentury ( or older!) cookbooks. I picked and choose all of the best aspects of dozens of recipes and  developed what is rapidly becoming one of our favorite holiday treats.

Now traditionally, eggnog was made before hand and aged anywhere from a few days to a month before consuming. The booze helps to keep the dairy from turning. We stretched our batch last year all the way until May (Ben had the last cup as a birthday treat and it was insanely good). So long as you allow minimal air inside the container this will pretty much keep indefinitely. It is supremely warming, light textured and full flavored, everything a winter classic should be.

I make this every year as soon as the thanksgiving leftovers are gone and I get my fridge back. I make a huge batch and give it away as gifts, I think people look forward to this more than they do any of my other holiday treats!


12 C. milk  (about 3/4 gallon)

16  eggs**

2 C. Heavy Cream

2.5-3 C.  Spiced Rum

4 C. Bourbon

2 T. Vanilla extract

1 T. Vanilla Bean paste or one vanilla bean scraped

3 T. Cinnamon, I try to grate at least one fresh stick or quill

1/2-3/4 tsp. Nutmeg, freshly grated*

1/4 tsp.  Cardamon, freshly grated*

2 can evaporated milk

1 can condensed milk

1  1/2 -2 C. sugar to taste

1 tsp. kosher salt

* If not using freshly grated, more may be needed.

**Try to use the freshest, highest quality you can find. This is definitely the place to splurge.

Beat the eggs, spices and vanillas with a whisk until they are smooth and even. Then, slowly add in the milks and cream. Add in the booze. Now whisk in one cup of the sugar until it dissolves and taste it. I don’t like it as sweet so I add in anywhere from another 1/2 – 3/4 C of sugar, so adjust to your taste. Now pout it into a a really clean container and store in your fridge. Everyday for one week,I whisk or shake it generously to redistribute the spices and any sugar that might have settled.  After several days of aging, I taste again and make any adjustments needed to the flavor or sweetness

To serve, we like to use the traditional method of folding in whipped egg whites. I usually assume about 1 egg white = 1 C nog.

Beat the egg whites on high until they form stiff peaks, then slowly fold into the nog. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve.  It’s also pretty divine poured into coffee, or even just on the rocks if you like it like that!! Two glasses of this stuff and you’re bound to be toasty, no matter how cold it is outside!!!!! Back tomorrow for fabric friday!!







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A Holly Jolly Sale


So, I don’t know about you all, but I’m still pretty worn out from Thanksgiving! We had a quiet, but fancy dinner, just the three of us for a change. Usually, we host a fair number of friends and acquaintances whose families are far away, it was a relief that it was so low key.  I made a glorious standing rib roast instead of a turkey (!!!) and oh man, was it AWESOME. I enjoy leftover roast beast (as we call it) way way more than turkey that gets drier every day;)

So it’s I suppose that its Cyber Monday, so there’s that, but I also wanted to take an opportunity to offer a discount to everyone that’s followed along with me so far. I appreciate every single comment, high five, and constructive compliments ( I even like the constructive criticisms!)

So, to say thank you, I’m offering a 15% discount on all pillowcases from now until Friday!!! Just enter the code HOLLYJOLLY  at checkout. As an another extra big thank you, I’ll throw in free shipping ( US orders only) for any order over $100***.

Shop pillowcases here!!!



***I’ll refund shipping after the fact, I’m having a hard time getting both discounts to work at the same time hehehe:)



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Presenting Golden Willow Quilts!

Today I am happy to welcome you to the home of my new website, Golden Willow Quilts! While I’ve enjoyed blogging in the past, I’ve never felt that the setup captured my style. Let’s just say that technical computer work is NOT my strong suit, so outsourcing it was. And ohmygoodness did I pick the right girl for the job!!!! The totally amazing Kerri of Big K little k designs knocked it out of the park! Not only did she totally accommodate all of my (very) particular tweaks and suggestions, she managed to come up with a look I never could have visualized but captures my style perfectly. She was a dream to work with and I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough.  Should I ever require web or design services again, she tops my list!!!! You can also score some totally amazing christmas cards in her etsy shop right now here.


So besides this awesome new home, I am also finally, finally opening up a shop and selling my handmade goods! This has been a long time coming.I’m a little nervous to start this venture, but anything worthwhile is usually a little scary! I’ve wanted to do this ever since my daughter was born, but I never felt like I had the proper amount of time to devote to really making a real go of it. I didn’t want to only half ass it, and with a busy toddler, I never seemed to have enough hours in the day. Well, now that I can look away for more than 10 mins ( she says in wishfully), it’s finally time! I want to take a moment to thank all of my cheerleaders across the crafty blog and social media spheres that have encouraged me, given me honest feedback and generally gave me the push I needed to dive headfirst into a shop of my own.  You can find the link to the shop in the upper right hand corner of the page! Please check it out! As a way of saying thank you for all of the support I’ve received, I’ll be hosting a special giveaway of a custom pillow on Instagram from Wed- Friday. I’ll draw a winner at random over the weekend, so head over there Wednesday and check it out!!!


I’ve got so many fun things planned,  and I can’t wait to share all the tutorials and projects I’ve been working on all fall. I hope you find something here to inspire you to make, create or bake!

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Quilt Market Comes to Portland!!!


So as of right now, crafty people from all over the world are pouring into Portland for the 2013 Spring Quilt Market! I am lucky enough to have snagged a ticket through my girl Bex (its a trade show, so not open to the general public). I’ll be taking about a million pictures and sharing here and on instagram ( I’m goldwillow there too). Let me know in the comments if there’s a special collection you’d love to see more of! I’m going to see and possibly meet some of my crafty heroes. To say that I am excited is a WEEEEEEE bit of an understatment:)

Now, as Portland is known for its culinary scene, I thought I would take a few minutes to do a round up of some of my fav Portland shops, eateries and general weirdness. This is just a list off the top of my head, I’ve visited each of these places at least twice. Add more suggestions in the comments! I can’t wait to meet everyone!!!!!

Frank’s Noodle House Only the best dumplings and hand pulled noodles EVER
Podnah’s Pit awesome BBQ. Not a spot for vegans or vegetarians
Township and Range down home style. Southern meets PNW flavor
The Screen Door best southern in Portland. Good brunch. Get here early, lines get crazy
Nong’s Khao man gai The most delicious chicken and rice ever, a perfected version of thai street cuisine. Cart location downtown, brick and mortar in South East. Buy a bottle of the sauce.
Blue Star Donuts Forget Voodoo. Their donuts are garbage compared to these masterpieces. Best ever. followed closely by Tonalli’s (esp. their buttermilk donut)
Toro Bravo good tapas. Fun drinks in the joint upstairs
Boke Bowl Portland style Ramen
Little T American Bakers Very good pastries and sandwiches.
Laurelhurst Market OMG so good. Love their steak frites.
Wayfu PDX Ramen!!!! Very nice broth
Nostrana Italian. Excellent food and drinks
Pok Pok funky and delicious Thai
Tasty n Sons
Grain and Gristle makes a damn good burger
Salt and Straw the best ice cream EVERRRRR
Irving Street Kitchen
Ken’s Artisan bakery and Pizza
Apizza Scholls amazing pizza. get here early
Pine State Biscuits So good, but plan for a food coma, you will leave here very stuffed
Kenny and Zukes good sandwiches. Good latkes
Ristretto Roasters good espresso
Nossa Familia the makers of my very FAVORITE espresso. I do not bestow this honor lightly
Random Order Coffee good coffee, excellent pie and egg sandwiches
Olympic Provisions
Luce Italian. delightful
Porque no? really good tacos and margaritas.
Fire on the Mountain Many types of wings, with a rotating sauce selection. The “soon to be famous spicy peanut sauce is a personal fav. Ben like the atomic raspberry habanero sauce, even if he gets hiccups!
Nuestra Cocina excellent authentic mexican (my personal favorite cuisine)
Ava Gene’s New down the street from my house, haven’t personally eaten here yet, but have heard really positive things from trusted sources
Acanto Genoa’s sister spot next door. Worked with the pastry chef there. Dude is gifted

Since there are more carts than you can shake a stick at here’s a few places to check those out, and a few websites dedicated solely to eating your way through the city.
Food Carts Portland
Portland Food.org
Portland Food and Drink

Fabric and crafty:
Cool Cottons my personal favorite
Modern Domestic
Bolt Fabric Boutique
Collage PDX so many supplies
Fabric Depot because you have to see this place to believe it
Mill end Store
Josephine’s Dry Goods
Button Emporium
Pendleton Woolen Mills

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