Fabric Friday #2

I was first introduced to the art of Friday Kahlo in my junior year of high school. My parents farm backed another that was home to John Ebersberger (or perhaps his parents actually owned it? I can’t recall). There were quite a lot of his students that lived/worked in the area and on the property, so I frequently came across groups of them painting in the woods while I was out exploring (and snapping pictures) on my wretchedly disobedient pony Cece. Seriously,she was pretty much demon spawn, the naughtiest pony that ever lived. She got us terribly lost more than once.

Anyhow, on one such occasion after she decided to bolt for no apparent reason, I came out into a field and happened upon my friend Wendy. She worked part time with me at the coffee shop when she wasn’t making amazing art. Anyhow, she was painting a portrait of woman and drawing strongly from Frida’s style. When I commented on the style, she told me about her and I resolved to go and look her up. Well, a love affair was born. I find so much of Frida’s life extraordinary. She dealt with such pain on a near constant basis, that to have put out even half of her work is rather incredible. Her color palettes are so just rich and diverse and full of life and pain. I won’t lie that this is light years away from my normal color choices but I just LOVE it. I’m determined to make it to the Blue House  the home she shared with Diego Rivera) in Mexico that’s been converted into a museum. Until then, here is a color palette and a fabric stack inspired by Frida Kahlo!!


Palette made with Playcrafts Palette Builder Tool as always with Kona color matches!!!!



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rachel - March 21, 2014 - 9:35 am

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