Monthly Archives: July 2010

Hex Crazed

Anyone that knows me well can tell you that I tend to get really obsessed when I discover a new craft. I will turn down invitations to exciting parties when there is a craft waiting at home in my little studio or the labooorratory (evil british scientist inflection optional) as Ben and I call it! […]

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Fiber Arts

I am obsessed. Seriously obsessed. I’ve always loved art and crafting.  My mother always found the most interesting art classes for me to take as a child. I spent more time at Maryland Hall (for the creative arts) than most teens spend at the mall. I was lucky to have a parent so supportive  of […]

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Before Willow arrived, I had a million and a half ideas about things I would do and not do. I was very drawn to the principles of both the Waldorf and Attachment parenting styles. However,one of the thing I decided early on, was to let her sleep in a bassinet next to our bed, rather […]

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